Contour Detection Preview

We are thrilled to provide a sneak peek of a new additional feature that will be added to our construction module as a free update: Optical Contour Detection. This function allows you to capture contours in an image directly, without distortion and without the need to manually trace the contours. With this feature, you can extract contours as CAD geometries, all in the correct scale.

Step 1: Define or select a sketch plane in 3D space. Step 2: Let the contour detection draw on the sketch plane

This feature opens up new possibilities as it allows the capture of contours from objects that are not just flat. Users can define the projection plane in the 3D space using a sketch plane, expanding the capabilities beyond just capturing contours on a tabletop, for example.

Please note that at the beginning, this feature will be classified as “Experimental.” We are continuously working on optimizing performance and data quality. Additionally, the quality of the digitization process is dependent on the optical detectability of the object. At the beginning, the contours are output as line segments. Nonetheless, the Optical Contour Detection feature will greatly accelerate the digitization of certain object structures.