The Next-Gen CAD Construction Tool for 3D Modeling

Digitize object features directly as parametric CAD geometries and seamlessly import as DXF File into all popular CAD programs. 

Transform the way you design, effortlessly.

Parametric CAD Capturing

Digitize object features directly as CAD geometries.

Mobile Deployment

Maximum mobility for flexible and efficient work.

2D+3D DXF Export

Import captured geometries into all popular CAD programs.

Digitize object features directly as CAD geometries

With our system, we offer you the unique capability to translate spatial features directly into your CAD environment.

The Probe as a Digital Pen

Draw with precision like using a pen: Guide the probe along the objects and sketch directly on the sketch planes – as simple and intuitive as drawing on paper.

Mobile Deployment

Experience mobility in a new way with our easily transportable construction tool. The user-friendly remote control and customizable probe sizes ensure comfort and flexibility in your daily work routine.

2D+3D DXF Export

Our captured geometries are compatible with common CAD programs, allowing you to effortlessly and quickly import them as DXF files to accelerate and simplify your workflows.

Control via Smartphone App

Use your smartphone as a remote control for our design tool. With an intuitive app, you can easily and comfortably control the tool for more efficient and flexible work.

Flexibility in Your Hands

Position your CeConstructor exactly where you need it. With the plastic-free adhesive paper tape CeTape featuring reference markers, you can flexibly mark the workspace. The CeConstructor recognizes its current position based on these reference markers.

Digitization of Connections

Our tool allows for precise capture of holes and connections, enabling easy integration into your CAD project.

Expand the working volume.

With the CeExtender (available soon as a separate extension), you can optimally complement your CeConstructor by expanding its working area. This extension allows you to tackle larger projects and be more flexible when working on objects of varying sizes.

New Modules in Development

The CeConstructor will be expanded with additional modules in the future, which are currently under development. These include features such as 3D scanning, shape and position analysis, as well as the staking out and transfer of CAD drawings into reality. These modules will be available separately at a later date, making your CeConstructor even more versatile and powerful.

Konstruktionswerkzeug im Einsatz

About us

Cepha Systems UG (haftungsbeschränkt) is a cutting-edge technology company based close to Stuttgart(Germany), focused on revolutionizing the CAD construction industry. The name Cepha derives from the Latain cephalofoil, the skull shape of the widely spaced eyes enables the hammerhead shark to capture its prey in space, like our cameras capture spatial features.

Our innovative CAD construction tool is the result of the scientific expertise and dedication of our founders, Marcel Grießhaber and Hannes Plott, who are master’s graduates in Surveying and Photogrammetry from the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences. Their academic research at the university has been instrumental in the development of our user-friendly, efficient, and precise tool that enhances the way professionals work with 3D objects and spatial data.

Adrian Schäffler, another key member of our team, is a master’s graduate in Economics and Innovation Management from the University of Hohenheim. His knowledge and experience in these areas have greatly contributed to the strategic direction and growth of Cepha Systems UG.

Our company has been recognized and supported by the EXIST program, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, as well as the European Social Fund. This backing not only validates the potential of our project but also provides us with invaluable resources and guidance to bring our vision to life.

Das Vorhaben PrintToScan wird im Rahmen des EXIST-Programms durch das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz und den Europäischen Sozialfonds gefördert.​