The Next-Gen CAD Construction Tool for 3D Modeling

Digitize object features directly as parametric CAD geometries and seamlessly import as DXF File into all popular CAD programs. Transform the way you design, effortlessly.

The Probe as a Digital Pen

Draw with precision like using a pen: Guide the probe along the objects and sketch directly on the sketch planes – as simple and intuitive as drawing on paper.

2D+3D DXF Export

Our captured geometries are compatible with common CAD programs, allowing you to effortlessly and quickly import them as DXF files to accelerate and simplify your workflows.

Control via Smartphone App

Use your smartphone as a remote control for our design tool. With an intuitive app, you can easily and comfortably control the tool for more efficient and flexible work.

Flexibility in Your Hands

Position your CeConstructor exactly where you need it. With the plastic-free adhesive paper tape CeTape featuring reference markers, you can flexibly mark the workspace. The CeConstructor recognizes its current position based on these reference markers.

CeConstructor in Use